Professional Tree Stump Removal

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Quick & easy tree stump removal service! We remove tree stumps of any size and grind well below ground level for easy replanting, laying turf, building, flagging etc.

Professional removal of tree stumps and ground roots helps prevent re-growth of the tree. The byproduct of tree stump grinding is perfect to compost or use elsewhere in the garden.

We use always safety guards to prevent damage to property from flying debris.

Any Size Stumps Removed!

Any size stump's removed quickly, reliably and competitively. No stump too big, our range of machinery will grind the largest or toughest stumps well below ground level ready for replanting, turfing, flagging etc.
After grinding, chipping's can be used as mulch or disposed of.
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Before grinding
After grinding
Restricted Access -No Problem!
Our compact machinery can efficiently remove stumps in areas with limited access. Stumps in small areas can be tackled by our Pedestrian Tree Stump Grinder at only 28 inch's wide.